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#PostcardsToTheTrapped October 2018 mailings are completed

Next postcard mailings are scheduled for January 1, 2019

For free submissions of up to four (4) USA addresses of people suffering from undue influence, use promo code: FREE

Submit addresses on contact form anonymously:


Thanks for joining us and our Library.

We’re in a safe place.  No Behavior control.  No Information control.  No Thought control. No  Emotional control.  Just us and our true peers.

Whether we are from a background in Exclusive Brethren, Mormonism, Scientology, Watch Tower Society, or any other relationship that wielded undue influence over us, only we can really relate with each other’s current needs.

This website is designed to house a library of documented information related to the high control groups we were once not allowed to criticize and kept us in the dark about its behind the scenes practices.

Each of you are welcome to view, share and add information that may help the general public obtain a better understanding of high control groups.

To start a conversation on verified documents and links you wish to share, or, provide mailing addresses to people trapped inside cults you would like us to send post cards to, please complete the contact form.


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“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- Voltaire