CultSurvivors Memorial Courtyard 1st Design

Photo Cult Survivors Header Website 7.19.18 wee

“Perfect Circle”

Our first Memorial Courtyard design, “Perfect Circle”,  by CultSurvivor 007, is now up for review and feedback


Drawing Cult Survivors Memorial Courtyard 5.12.19 wee


The first CultSurvivors Memorial Courtyard Design is up for feedback and will be known as “Perfect Circle” when voting for best design starts Fall 2019.

“Perfect Circle” is a 24.5 foot radius interlocking brick pavement which boasts personalized engraved brick pavers in a pedestrian friendly courtyard setting, as well as four seat walls which can provide seating for up to 50 adults.  Four lush planters are planned within the two feet wide spaces just behind the four seat walls as well as a walkway defining the design’s outer perimeter known as “Walk Of Fame”.

Scheduled to be built in Fall 2020, CultSurvivors Houston, Texas Memorial Courtyard is the first of many such meditation spaces planned globally with personalized brick paver ordering set to launch June 1st 2019 with a starting donation of $200.00 USD each via our new ordering website.  The ordering website’s link will be posted across Social Media shortly.

CultSurvivors has engaged the services of our parent company, The ENOCH GROUP, as General Contractor who will build out the entire site including the voted on winning design.  Engraved Brick Fundraisers, one of our sister companies, will oversee the fundraising campaign and has secured us a dynamic ordering website, being built right now by our engraved brick supplier, Bricks R Us.

For a generic look at the typical components of a fundraising ordering website, please click here.

We are proud to partner with Activists and Organizations who will testify to High Control Groups’ use of manipulation to inflict undue influence upon its members and their family and friends.

All feedback falls under parent company Privacy Policy.


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to survival. to recovery. to freedom. what is a cult? research: BITE Model

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