Cult Survivors Now Accepting Submissions For New Message To Be Displayed On “Postcards To The Trapped”

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There are countless of us survivors of high control groups as well as interested parties who may have family and or friends trapped within these groups. We may know how such a difficult thing it is to try to get a simple message to them in hopes the message may trigger an awakening process.  Many times, when the trapped person recognizes the message is coming from an ousted member, be it family member or former friend, the guard typically goes up and the message is discarded likely before it is even read.

Cult Survivors provides a postcard mailing service, “Postcards To The Trapped”, that mails postcards within the USA at no cost using promo code free.

The postcard’s question is designed to provoke thought in the mind of someone trapped under the undue influence of a high control group.

Recipient names may remain anonymous and the word “Resident” will be substituted.  No name required to submit addresses.

The postcards are designed to be read upon handling and have a generic appearance.

Cult Survivors is presenting the public with the challenge of formulating the thought provoking question.  The selected entry will appear on the next round of “Postcards To The Trapped”.

A previous postcard’s front and back is pictured here:

To submit your message, please enter it in a thought-provoking question format on the form below.

Please note that your clicking the submit button denotes your consent for Cult Survivors to consider and possibly include your message on postcards should your entry be selected.

Thanks for your much appreciated help.

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to survival. to recovery. to freedom. what is a cult? research: BITE Model

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