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Watch Tower Society

Watchtower Policy on Child Abuse
While Jehovah’s Witnesses as a whole abhor paedophilia and Watchtower denounces child abuse, faulty and self-serving policies have contributed to paedophilia occurring in the organisation that could have been prevented. The result has been harm to thousands of child victims and distraught parents, and the Watchtower Society paying millions of dollars in settlements.
Watchtower has received tremendous criticism globally for its policies on paedophilia and been the subject of a multitude of media reports. lists numerous examples that highlight the extent of child abuse amongst Jehovah’s Witnesses. This extends to prominent elders at Bethel, such as Jesus Cano, who handed out naked pictures of himself to young males at airports whilst travelling on District Convention speaking assignments, and was arrested in June 2006. – JWfacts:


Australian Royal Commission Report of Case Study No. 29 The Response of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Watch Tower Society Bible and Tract Society of Australia Ltd to Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse:


Second President, J. F. Rutherford’s letter to Hitler & Declaration of Facts
Watchtower criticises other religious groups for colluding with Hitler, whilst Jehovah’s Witnesses were imprisoned for their refusal to compromise their standards. What is not admitted is that Rutherford initially praised Hitler for his stance against Jews and the Anglo/American empire. – JWfacts:


Henrietta M. Riley Trust – questionable investments Philip Morris Companies (tobacco) included in year 2002 pdf page 19: