Cult Survivors Memorial Courtyard

EBF Courtyard Pewter Inscriptions on 45 degree Fountain view 2 8.31.15 wee


Cult Survivors is launching a fundraising campaign to design and build a Memorial Courtyard, whereby, Donors may purchase a $200  USD brick engraved with personal inscriptions and placed within the courtyard flooring.

Feedback is requested on this future CultSurvivors  Mecca of sorts.

CultSurvivors is a division of The ENOCH GROUP and adheres to company-wide Privacy Policy


Site Visitation will be open at no cost to the public.

Plan now for a get away space to:

  • Meet Up
  • Reflect
  • Unwind
  • Learn
  • Support
  • Grow
  • Air B n B

Details to follow regarding location, design and a dynamic ordering website that will spell out the campaign in black and white and built by our Engraver  Logo-Bricks-R-Us-4.22.19-wee

Pre-orders available after new campaign website is up and running, tweaked and secure.

Please use our Contact form below to express your interest in such a campaign.

Photo EBF Closeup 9.24.18 wee


Also, we are hoping to find out how many people would file a class action suit against Watch Tower Society’s alleged knowledge that “ALL of us want to be loved.  If we are repeatedly denied love and justice, we may feel worthless and hopeless.”

What Watch Tower Corp failed to do was provide an upfront disclaimer that “worthless and hopeless” are some of the side-effects of its unnatural shunning policy.  Ostracized individuals suffer an unnaturally induced agony.  Separation of emotions from we the disfellowshipped, disassociated, the fading and faded.