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Australia – Rosemary Stanton – Daily Mail Australia Updated: 09:38 EDT, 15 March 2016 ‘No make-up, no radio, no TV’: High-profile nutritionist Rosemary Stanton reveals her unhappy childhood in the Exclusive Brethren sect… and how she still struggles to look in a mirror because ‘vanity is a sin’.

Celebrity nutritionist Rosemary Stanton opens up about her dark childhood

She grew up in a religious sect, Christian ‘The Exclusive Brethren’

Females wears bow or scarves to show they accept men’s authority

Stanton wasn’t allowed to play with ‘non-believers’, watch tv or be in plays:

Video – 60 Minutes Producer Charlotte Purdy, Sarah Hall Journalist – Leaving the Exclusive Brethren:

Video – The Exclusive Brethren – Plymouth Brethren Christian Church – Justice, Harm & Awareness: