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Video – Inside Scientology and Escaping the Jehovah’s Witnesses:


Karama of Witness the Drama on awakening from cult mentality:  “So my Uncle asked me: “If Kayla was in a car accident and needs a blood transfusion, are you willing to let her die?” I was supposed to say “I have faith we will see her again in the new world” or something to that effect. But for the first time in my life, I truly couldn’t answer. My love for my daughter was too strong for me to even pretend to say the words. I was programmed to say them. I was programmed to think them. But now, as a father, my love made me speak up. I said “No.””:


Jason Townsend – A fast-paced and provocative story told in a humorous voice. Jason is raised in a deeply religious town in Amish country, Pennsylvania. At a young age he finds he is different than the other children at public school and he is to be no part of their world. Despite being isolated from possible friendships he finds himself in precarious situations as he is sent to preach to those same people’s doorsteps. As he struggles to come of age under the veil of a enormously strict cult, curiosity pulls him farther away from blind faith in the Jehovah’s Witness religion called “The Truth” which creates a turmoil that sends him running away from home before adulthood. Jason loses his family but gains new friends in the forbidden world, along with experiences that lead him across several United States to experience drugs, sex and punk rock. A lifetime of near-death experience in thirty years, this journey will teach a lesson fit for modern times of how truly damaging religion can be… and theorize what it all means.: