Postcards To The Trapped

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There are countless of us survivors of high control groups as well as interested parties who may have family and or friends trapped within these groups. We may know how such a difficult thing it is to try to get a simple message to them in hopes the message may trigger an awakening process.  Many times, when the trapped person recognizes the message is coming from an ousted or disassociated family member or former friend, the guard typically goes up and the message is discarded, likely, before it is even read.

Cult Survivors provides a postcard mailing service, “Postcards To The Trapped”, that mails out postcards within the USA.

The postcard’s question is designed to provoke thought in the mind of someone trapped under the influence of a controlling group.

Simply supply the mailing addresses of the recipients you choose.  Recipient names may remain anonymous and the word “Resident” will be substituted.  No name required to submit addresses.

The postcards are designed to read upon handling and have a generic appearance.

A sample front and back postcard is pictured here:


Currently, this service is limited to continental USA only. To submit USA addresses, on the contact form below, please use promo code: free


Anyone wishing to simply donate may do so by locating and clicking the $1 the number of times to match your desired donation amount and press the Pay with PayPal button to continue.

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Postcards To The Trapped contain thought provoking messages and are mailed to addresses of people suffering from the effect of undue influence inflicted by High Control Groups in an attempt to help trigger an awakening process. No names are necessary. Any donations are voluntary. Thank you.





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