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Memorial Courtyard On Hold

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Cult Survivors Memorial Courtyard project has been placed on hold until a better marketing plan can be put into place.

The desire for a space to memorialize survivors of various high control groups and our loved ones where meetups, reflection, support and filming may occur still exists. 

Thanks for your interest in the project.



Photo Cult Survivors Header Website 7.19.18 wee

Thanks for joining us and our Library.

We’re in a safe place.  No Behavior control.  No Information control.  No Thought control. No  Emotional control.  Just us and our true peers.

This website is designed to house a library of documented information related to the high control groups we were once not allowed to criticize and kept us in the dark about its behind the scenes practices.

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Postcards To The Trapped contain thought provoking messages and are mailed to addresses of people suffering from the effect of undue influence inflicted by High Control Groups in an attempt to help trigger an awakening process. No names are necessary. Any donations are voluntary. Thank you.




“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- Voltaire