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Troupe-Enoch Family Seeking New Child Interviews Law

Mrs. Beverly Troupe-Enoch as a child

There’s been a petition circulating online since September 18, 2022 that’s sponsored by the Troup-Enoch family, asking the public to learn of and sign their petition for Texas State Legislators to pass a new child interviewing bill. The petition is to get the Texas Legislators’ and Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s attention to pass ‘Beverly’s Law’.

The new Texas law would allow current Forensic Child Interviewing Protocol the ability to legally challenge past interviewing methods that were unfair to children.

The first was step taken on September 20, 2021 to start the new law process when, Mrs. Beverly Troupe Enoch, the subject of an over three hour interview/interrogation on December 13, 1986, wrote her Texas State Senator, Joan Huffman, regarding her desire for a new Texas child interviewing law. The next day, September 21, 2021, Mr. Grayson Coker, Policy Analyst for Senator Joan Huffman’s Office, called Beverly to hear her case. Mr. Coker advised that a Special Session of the Texas State Legislature was in process and Beverly’s request would be placed on a list for upcoming discussion. Mr. Coker also advised that the next Regular Session of the Texas State Legislature would start January of 2023.

The goal for the petition is to have at least 100 signers by the end of October 2022. The petition will then be delivered to Texas State Senator Joan Huffman’s Office to help push Mrs. Troupe-Enoch’s request for a new child interviewing law ahead in the Legislators’ plan of action.

Troupe-Enoch Family has authored a website that documents the ordeal the family has experienced ever since that fateful December 10, 1986 day when Mrs. Troupe-Enoch, as an eight year old child, was taken to Darnell Army Medical Hospital in Killeen, Texas, for a burning sensation while urinating. She never returned home until the day of her eighteenth birthdate. The Pediatrician, Dr. Samuel A. Mujica-Trenche, who made his examination, reported to Texas Department of Human Services (DHS), that 8 year old Beverly had been “repeatedly sexually assaulted”. The DHS interviewer, Mrs. Helen Paramore, did not perform a proper investigation, and interviewed/interrogated young Mrs. Troupe-Enoch until the eight year old started to agree with Mrs. Paramore.

Troupe-Enoch Family is asking all who finds their petition to review it, sign it, and share it.

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