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JW Facts:

Activist – Lloyd Evans

Watch Tower Society – Draw Close to God and He Will Draw Close To You:

John Cedars – Pillowgate:

1001 Reasons Not to be a JW – My life from day 1 to 13 years old as a JW:

Ruth Anne Whicher & Jill Martin Murder in the Fourth: A Case of Mindslaughter Kindle Edition – “Murder in the Fourth is both a story of escape and exposure: escape from the clutches of a fear-driven ideology, and exposure of the secret mind-bending machinations employed by religious cults to keep members compliant, submissive and isolated from mainstream society. Depicting one family’s suffering and righteous indignities under the strict and arbitrary tenets of the Jehovah’s Witness organization, this touching narrative, based on real events, mirrors thousands of other families torn apart by the divisive nature of similar religions. In this remarkable work, Whicher and Martin take murder to a new level.”:

Witnesses of Jehovah (Complete Offiial) – Published April 3, 2012 The movie that has stirred up so much interest in Watchtower history and controversial flip-flops in doctrine. Includes interviews and testimonies of ex-JWs and JW elders. Many JWs have watched this and left the organization. 1986: